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Alla Güner is an international artist (Turkish, French, Ukrainian) currently based in İstanbul. She is associated with conceptual art. Alla Guner is best known for her innovative sculptures which evokes the importance of water consumption and life fragility. Main message of her pieces is to show within sculptures our daily usage of water in different proportions which allows her to create a new style called Volume Art.


Alla’s living experience in Paris helped her to absorb classical art in Louvre couloirs. Also deep research in Chinese and Japanese philosophy and art History inspired her for Zen philosophy which teaches us to appreciate every moment of our life. So the key words of artist’s research are: transparency, fragility, water consumption, environmental questions, fluidity and living the moment.


Alla Guner had participated in such art Fairs as Contemporary İstanbul, Art Contact, Art Ankara, also in Red Cross and other mixed exhibitions.

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