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Who are we?

Since 2006, Printemps des Artistes has been an annual charity event organized by Istanbul Accueil and its partner Le Lycée Sainte Pulchérie in its Od'A art gallery.  


As the name suggests, this art sales exhibition takes place in the spring.  

The objective is twofold: to unveil new artists (Turkish and international) to the public and to raise funds for charity . Today, this exhibition has become a cultural meeting place recognized by the French-speaking and international communities, as well as by all art lovers in Istanbul. 


Review the latest editions

The organizing team

Team 2023

Dilek, Alla, Aslihan, Ludivine, Louise and Elif are all volunteers and members of Istanbul Accueil. Some Istanbulites have always been and others for only a few months, they have all joined this beautiful project which combines humanism and love of art.

We put all our energy into this cultural and charitable project to make this 15th edition a timeless event bringing together many talents...

What does the 16th edition have in store for you?

This year's edition will be a week of festive events, between the opening, guided tours with the artists and an exhibition by the students of the Lycée Sainte Pulchérie. ​


Come and discover the work of 12 artists selected around the theme RHYTHM which marks so much the energy of the city of Istanbul! Each artist will take us into his universe with his own style. The techniques used are varied : photography, painting, illustration, collage, cutting ... 


New project at the "Printemps des Artistes" with the creation of the “Student Spring” in Sainte Pulchérie!

During the duration of the exhibition, the students will exhibit their collective creations in connection with the techniques of the artists. Students will also participate in raising funds for associations through a raffle that will allow guests and art lovers to win their artistic productions. The total amount raised by the sale of raffle tickets will be donated to charity. The students of Sainte Pulchérie join their artistic talents in the service of good causes! A real transversality in this new partnership has emerged. We are happy to present to you in image the meeting between students and artists of May 3, 2023, a great moment of sharing!


A charity exhibition

All works of art exhibited at the PDA are for sale. 70% of sales go to the artists and 30% are donated to 3 charities: Mor Çatı, Permatürk and the Lape Hospital with the retirement home Bomonti.


Mor Çatı Women's Shelter Foundation

The Mor Çatı Women's Shelter Foundation was founded in 1990 by feminists to fight violence against women. The fight against male violence in Mor Çatı is carried out on the basis of feminist methods and aims for women to be able to live a life in free and equal conditions, free from gender discrimination and male violence. Male violence stems from the inequalities that exist between men and women in society, so we must fight against inequalities by strengthening women's solidarity. To this end, social work is carried out to empower the women of the solidarity center and the shelter. In addition to building individual solidarity with women, the implementation of national and international conventions, laws and regulations is monitored and reported, and recommendations on necessary policies are presented to decision makers to combating violence and ensuring gender equality. In order to share knowledge and experience on the ground, workshops are organized with women's organizations working in the field of violence, non-governmental organizations, bar associations and municipalities. Through campaigns and solidarity actions with national and international women's organizations, a struggle is waged against patriarchy so that women can establish a free and independent life.


L’Hôpital LAPE
& Bomonti

Or more precisely the Fransız Lape Hastanesi.

This hospital, established in Istanbul since 1857, was donated in 1902 to the Sisters of Saint Vincent de Paul by Sultan Abdul Hamid II.
Still run by the Congregation of the Daughters of Charity, it continues to receive patients.
It is natural that the Sainte-Pulchérie school, also founded by the Daughters of Charity in 1846, lends its support to the PDA in order to raise funds for the benefit of this hospital.

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Perma Turk.png


Permaturk Foundation is an NGO, established in Istanbul Turkey, which aims to demonstrate that, through education, experienced support and hands-on examples based on teachings of nature, it is possible to shift/return to a sustainable way of living.

Although we live in a world with limited natural resources, humankind continues to increase in numbers and deplete these resources. According to scientists, this is not sustainable. Nature is responding to our actions with changes in natural balances and cycles.  


We are at a crucial juncture.

In order to leave a livable world to future generations, we must urgently take part in and contribute to beneficial projects that will better both nature and human well-being. 

Permaturk foundation aims to increase society’s awareness by explaining natural processes,  the effect people have on nature, our place in nature and nature’s own lessons.


Permaturk Foundation aims at backing and assisting the establishment of self-sustaining living areas and ecological settlements that will demonstrate that a healthier, resilient and enjoyable way of life is possible. Through their involvement, participants will gain knowledge, skills and experience about nature, sustainability and self-sustainability. 


Partners and sponsors

A project like the PDA could not take place without the generosity of our sponsors. 

Their support makes it possible to finance a variety of costs associated with curating such an exhibition. 


In short, without them, …..the PDA would not exist! 

Once again a big thank you to: 

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