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Christine Duquenne


"Inkstanbul" or the vision of two children captured through walks between simit and chocolate, or Istanbul and Brussels, their motherlands. Their real mother, we hear her laugh when she stops time to capture how her children see the world. And yet it is the same world that we contemplate…


Zora and Arzur cross cultures more easily than us, without realizing it, and arm themselves with wolves, superheroes and princesses to conquer ice cream, Turkish delight and chocolates, while waiting for their Kaptan Baba. It's a kind of ode to everyday life, to expatriation, to the family that reveals all the power that children have over their parents, from cunning to poetry.


Christine Duquenne is Belgian and has a degree in Romance languages ​​and literature. Although this comic book enthusiast first taught French in Brussels for several years, she also devoted herself to studying drawing alongside her profession. In 2007, she moved to Istanbul where she continues teaching. In 2017, it was also in this city at the crossroads of two continents that she created the Saga of Arzur and Zora, of which she is the author and illustrator. Since 2018, the adventures of Zora and her brother Arzur have appeared in the French-language monthly magazine "Aujourd'hui la Turquie".

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