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Ludivine Forest


Since the age of 15, in parallel with her psychology studies and her professional career working with autistic and psychotic children, Ludivine has continued to work the earth. She began with sculpting mainly women models. Then wanting to learn filming technique, she went on a professional training with Thierry Fouquet in Paris.

She develops, in sandstone, work on spheres called “metaphors of individual stories”.


These spheres or parts of a sphere are a patchwork of plates of earth, bearing the imprint of gleaned elements or stamps that she creates. The traces left by these different objects (seeds, pebbles, etc.) come together to compose a story, a singular story, like a life marked by encounters.

Ludivine sews certain missing parts of the sphere with threads of different materials, sometimes adding pearls, shells or jewelry. This addition contributes to the harmony of the whole and fills or not, a missing space which allows the elements to hold together.

The roundness of its pieces allows you to tilt and turn them as you wish, so as to have a new point of view according to the mood of the day. Nothing is really set in stone! A dialogue can thus be established with the piece.

She uses an effect enamel to cover the spheres. She creates most enamels by combining several metal oxides at different percentages in order to obtain the color that best suits the relief of her pieces. They are the result of much research.

Her inspirations are nature in everything it shows, primitive arts, the works of Gaudi, art nouveau and art deco. She likes to mix materials and textures.


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