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Nida Nur 



Nida Nur Erdoğan was born in Istanbul in 1999. She received her bachelor's degree in Painting at Namık Kemal University between 2017-2021. She took part in various group exhibitions throughout her student life. With the pleasure she experienced in these exhibitions, she reinforced her excitement to produce and built her life on this field. She participated in many exhibitions and fairs. In her works, she focused on the forms of expression of bird phobia that developed as a result of a trauma she experienced in her childhood. The fear of

birds caused him to paint their dead bodies. Dead bird bodies also offer a metaphorical narrative suggestion to the origins of

destructiveness in human beings. She continues her works by reducing this emotion, which has existed as an instinctive reaction since the existence of mankind, to her own private experience. She continues her productions in his studio in Gayrettepe, Istanbul.


Printemps des Artistes 2024 with the Tulips & Birds series. She combined the bird figure she uses in her works with the tulip form. Tulips are considered one of the symbols of spring and rebirth, while birds represent freedom and spiritual ascension. Both have a fascinating aesthetic with their elegant forms and colors. They reflect the magnificent beauties of nature. In the artist's drawings, one can observe the movement of the lines together as opposed to the immobility of the whole. By utilizing the dynamism of the line and the stagnation of the line, he gives the figures of dead birds an expressive movement.

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