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Elmas Aksu Karayel


Franco-Turkish, born in Paris, Elmas has always built bridges between her two cultures which she particularly loves.

  She has always been passionate about what she calls "her two countries": France and Turkey. From her earliest childhood she loved introducing Turkey to the French and France to the Turks, especially through culture. A vocation that she still pursues to this day.


She completed a double university course including a double Master's degree in business school at the University of Lille 2 offering business administration and entrepreneurial management including a specialty in purchasing. Her dream was to come to Turkey to work in a French company, which she did for a long time.


In recent years, she began practicing the art of Ebru, a traditional Turkish art which consists of creating colored patterns on tragacanth water. This art has an enigmatic but above all mysterious atmosphere because it has a meditative side. The result is unexpected. We don't know the result in advance, which tends to make it a little magical too.

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