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Erin Nicole Power


Erin Nicole Power is an artist and educator who has been living in Türkiye for the past thirteen years. She finds inspiration in the mundane, using photography and drawing as foundations of her artistic practice to later be worked in oil paint.  Within her paintings, the interaction of light and color is fundamental to Erin’s artistic investigation. Her fascination lies in the ability of these elements to change commonplace scenes to enhance the sense of spectacular in the everyday. Erin consistently reimagines and shifts the familiar, enhancing experiential aspects of a scene to generate a sense of wonder or fascination. 

 As an artist, Erin aims to maintain a delicate equilibrium between her role as an educator and her personal artistic endeavors. She firmly believes that to excel as an artist and educator, one must actively engage in artistic and teaching practices simultaneously. The synergy found in a studio environment enhances creative expression among artist practitioners. Consequently, Erin upholds a consistent studio schedule throughout the academic year and is excited to share her work and artistic practice with you.

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