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Azniv Çoban

Painter - Underglaze Tile painter

Azniv Çoban was born in Istanbul in 1956. 1993-1997 She worked with Asstt. Prof. Atilla Tos and Prof. Dinçer Erimez at the Renaissance Art House. Between 1997 and 2000, she worked with Ekrem Kahraman who is a renowned contemporary painter, under the roof of Kaş  Art Gallery in İstanbul.

Since 2000, she is working in her own art studio named Finzart Atelier. She is a member of the Istanbul Association of Women Painters. Since 1994, she has participated in three solo exhibitions and more than a hundred mixed and group exhibitions in Turkey and abroad. She has participated in well-known art workshops and fairs in Turkey and abroad. She is a member of the Leading Women Project exhibition, which started in 2010 and is still ongoing. Her works appear in many collections around the world. In 2015, her work was immortalized with her altar painting at the Armenian Surp Takavor Church in Istanbul. Azniv Çoban has been working on tile products with the underglaze painting technique on the same roof of Finzart Atelier since 2018 and produces many works in this field.

In her paintings, she adopts an expressionist style that encourages her viewer's conceptions of things, depicting figures and objects in a unity, creating an abstract-concrete dilemma, in a surreal atmosphere where space and time are unknown.


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