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Fatma Dilek Senol

Tile and Ceramic artist

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Born in Eyüp, a historical district of Istanbul, Fatma Dilek Şenol graduated from Marmara University, GSF Ceramics department in 1999. In 2000, upon the invitation of Psychiatrist Bengi Semerci, she worked as the Art Workshop Manager at Balıklı Rum Hospital. During the same period, she attended art psychotherapy seminars. As an Art Therapy Specialist, she worked in clinics, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and volunteer projects. She became a founding member of the Art Psychotherapies Association, which was established in 2012. She conducted workshops using the healing power of art with individuals hospitalized at the French Lape Hospital.


Dilek Senol studied Turkish marble art with Hikmet Barutçugil, painting with Resûl Aytemûr, and Çini (Turkish tile painting art) with Timur Bilir. She worked as an Art Club instructor in private education institutions and Sainte Pulcherie French High School. Senol took part with her Çini works in the "Meeting of Styles in Tile HENGAME", "Traces on Art", "Heritage" Exhibitions held in Eyüp Sultan Municipality between 2021 and 2023. The artist, who currently takes part in the Eyüp Sultan Municipality Entrepreneurial Women Project with her tile works, designs, produces and continues to provide art education in her workshop in Eyüp. 


Dilek Şenol expresses her thoughts about her art with the following words: "I think art is a powerful form of expression to understand ourselves. In these days when we have difficulty maintaining our state of well-being, my intention is to take a short break and breathe with art. It is to open space and guide the person's production process. Because art heals." 


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