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Cinzia Dalessi


Influenced and inspired by photographs she takes during her walks in the city, the artist predominantly works with charcoal, colored pencils, pen and/or soft pastels and occasionally with acrylic paint. She is mainly interested in people, objects, everyday life scenes and landscapes. Pointillism is an art form that she has been using on and off over the years. Ebru is an art new to the artist who enjoys it and has learnt here in Istanbul.

Cinzia Dalessi is a Swiss artist, who has lived around the world for the past twenty three years. She is currently based in Istanbul, Turkiye. 

She studied art in Hong Kong under an Australian program, receiving her BA (in Fine Arts) in 2009 from RMIT, Australia. Later, she continued her studies in drawing and paintings for a year at SFSS, San Francisco, USA, graduating in 2012. 

She has always exhibited in all the foreign countries she lived in. In Istanbul she has exhibited at Luna Grande Sanat, Karl&Ein Gallery, IUSD Art Gallery, the Municipality of Yalova and at the International Art fair ArtContact.


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