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Serdar Kalmaz


The exhibition on felts from Anatolia 


After high school, S. Kalmaz continued his higher education at the Academy of Fine Arts. During his academic training he worked with Professor Hern Böhmer on felt-based paints. In 1986, he joined the Istanbul Opera-Ballet as a decorator-painter. On June 18, 1995, he invented and designed the costumes and stands for the exhibition "Speaking Children and Dragomans" performed at the Palais de France of İstanbul.


S. Kalmaz introduced the technique of drawing on felt at national and international exhibitions. This technique consists in fixing the drawings obtained with the colored felt-tip pens by beating. The colors are natural, he doesn't use any adhesives, chemical paints or brushes. The last step is to let the markers dry.

Serdar Kalmaz art.png
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